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Dress and undress your products with PSA labels. Be Bold!

Posted 09/12/2017 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager, Tapes & Labels

It is undeniable that labels play a vital role in the packaging supply chain. The growth of retail chains and safety regulations around packaged goods is directly impacting labelers, who need to adapt quickly to a very demanding market, particularly in the food, beverage and healthcare industries.

Creating appealing labels for a no label look: contradiction or boldness?

From a social point of view, labels play a strategic role in the decision-making process of consumers. Regardless of a product’s package, labels need to communicate key product information and be, by itself, a strong and clear representation of brand identity. The clearer the message, the more it stands out from the shelves.

As a result, there is a strong effort to rethink and leverage labels into a more premium packaging, like using high clarity plastic label materials for a no-label look in glass beer bottles, PET soft drink bottles and cosmetic packs.

Finding the best label shape and size, combined with the need to select materials that will endure the design through all environments the package will be exposed to, is therefore so much of a challenge for labelers as it is a business requirement. How would you be able to recognize a beverage brand, if the label peels off or the printing fades while the bottle is in use?

Adhesive suppliers are on the top of the list when it comes to selecting the right materials.

Choosing PSA for a more versatile labeling

Pressure-sensitive labels are a very straightforward label solution: its application requires no more than a light or moderate pressure for the paper or film label to adhere to a diverse range of substrates. Products can easily be dressed-in-brand and hence the dominance and continuous growth of this market.

And if you really want your product to be dressed-to-impress, you need to tailor the “outfit” to each specific market and region. The adaptability in the printing process offered by variable information print (VIP) labels is a strong example of a pressure sensitive label benefit. Plus, industries that choose this style of label do not need to handle adhesives on the production site, which means a major safety concern is taken out of the way, particularly in the food, beverages and healthcare industries.

These are the same industries that are investing the most in transparent or no-label look, so it is hard to argue against the high versatility and strong performance that PSA filmic labels enable in the production line, not only in terms of design, due to the variety of inks and shapes that they can support, but also in terms of resistance to environmental hazards.

According to Smithers Pira, having a low environmental profile is a key consideration for many packaging converters, so the ability to wash off labels and quickly undress a product’s brand is in fact a crucial feature, particularly in the beverage business.

We can help you make the right choice

Our diverse range of adhesive solutions can help labelers choose the best adhesive for their applications.

Customers seeking a no label look, will find clear performance with FulltakTM SE 7577. Ultra clear adhesive film with superb bonding on a wide variety of container materials will ensure your brand is ‘dressed to impress’.

For beverage producers requiring the ability to reuse their glass bottles, FulltakTM SE 8301 combines many essential properties such as machine versatility, excellent coating quality, clean and consistent performance, ice water resistance and very clean label removal in 70°C alkali wash, thus allowing bottles to be reused.

For other industries, such as cosmetics, the choice would be FulltakTM SE 8302 with its rapid wash-off performance in cold water.

Whatever our customers’ needs are, our experts are constantly working on innovative solutions to meet their requirements in alignment with the major market trends.

Your adhesive partner towards the future

Choosing the right supplier can be as difficult as selecting the right adhesive for your labels so we want to ensure our business partners understand how H.B. Fuller can help their businesses thrive into the future, by providing top performance adhesives and high-end technology, supported by a vast network of production sites, and continuous investment in formulation improvements.

Our in-house polymerization and pilot coating capabilities in Portugal are a great example of our investment in supply chain innovation and flexibility, allowing us to customize formulations and test adhesive performance upstream.

Visit us at booth 6C43, hall 06 at Labelexpo 2017 and learn how we can help you make the right choice!


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