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Scientist working on a machine representing International Women's Day.

Spotlight on Women in Science for International Women's Day

Posted 03/08/2018 by Liz Andert, Global Digital Marketing Manager

Today is International Women’s Day. This worldwide event is a time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world in an effort to continuously make a positive difference for women.

At H.B. Fuller, we’re honoring International Women’s Day by celebrating women in science, particularly some of the women who have been instrumental in science roles at H.B. Fuller from across the globe.

Here are their stories.


Celebrating women in science for H.B. Fuller.

North America

Ameara is the Technical Manager of the Global Hygiene Platform R&D team. She develops new adhesives for disposable hygiene products and has worked at H.B. Fuller for the last six years. Ameara first became interested in science in high school when her chemistry teacher introduced polymers to the class, and the material just made sense to her. She then went on to earn her degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

For Ameara, engineering and materials science is interesting because, when you understand why a material exhibits the properties you observe, you can create new materials with the properties you want to target. She enjoys solving problems and feels that the skill translates to many problems outside of manufacturing. Ameara encourages young girls interested in science to be curious and to ask questions.

EIMEA (Europe, India, Middle East, Africa)

Helena is a senior scientist working on water-based polymerization. She has been working in the emulsion polymer business since 1995, specifically for H.B. Fuller since 2003. Her greatest accomplishment at H.B. Fuller was developing a D4 adhesive (Rakoll ECO4) and D3 adhesive (Rakoll 4933) for the durable assembly and woodworking industries.

Helena has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Porto, and a graduate degree in Food Science and Engineering from the Catholic University of Portugal. Since she was a little girl, Helena’s passion was always science. It did not matter if it was chemistry, physics or biology as long as it was related to understanding how things work and the scientific reasoning behind them. When she was 13, her class visited a chemical plant. Helena fell in love with the lab and immediately knew that she wanted to do that for the rest of her life. She has since then focused her efforts on chemistry, physics and math to achieve her goal of being a scientist. Helena encourages young girls interested in science to pursue their dreams with grit, perseverance and passion.

Asia Pacific

Ivy is a chemist who works on electronics and has been at H.B. Fuller for the last two years. She majored in Polymer Chemistry and Physics at the Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, and since graduating has been engaged in adhesives R&D.

Ivy first became interested in science when she discovered her passion for finding problems—and then solving for them. She encourages young girls interested in science to follow their hearts, which will lead to happiness and achievement.

Latin America

Elaine works as a supervisor in the Quality Laboratory at Adecol, now part of H.B. Fuller, in Brazil. Having started as an administrative assistant in 2009, Elaine worked alongside the R&D lab staff while simultaneously learning more about technical chemistry, eventually working her way up to her current role. Elaine first became interested in science while working with the lab staff, enabling her to gain an appreciation of the transformation that chemistry plays on compositions.

Elaine believes that science is fascinating because of how it contributes to everything in our daily lives. She is particularly grateful to all those who helped her develop professionally and who gave her the opportunity to grow.

H.B. Fuller is excited to spotlight these extraordinary women for International Women’s Day and looks forward to continuing to engage in efforts to make a positive difference for women everywhere.

If you have a passion for science and are interested in working for H.B. Fuller, read our blog on top reasons to work here. You can also search for open jobs here.


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