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Our KÖMMERLING business provides innovative solutions that improve and enhance product and process quality for more than 130 years. Working in a spirit of partnership with our customers and with our knowledge of trends in technology and materials we design products and processes that deliver high-quality, value-adding solutions. This is what we are most passionate about!


  • Polyurethane
  • Polysulfide
  • Butyl
  • Silicone
  • Silane-Terminated Polymers
  • Solvent Systems
  • Dispersions
  • Hotmelts
  • Epoxides
  • Acrylates



H.B. Fuller | Kömmerling is the world's largest and technologically leading adhesives and sealant supplier for insulating glass applications. With our complete product range for the glass industry, we can be your single-source supplier. Our adhesives and sealants fulfill the highest requirements of international certification standards. In addition, they are tested according to even more stringent internal criteria.


High demands are placed on energy-efficient vehicles. In order to live up to these demands, we rely on technically mature, customer-specific solutions. Whether in automotive construction or vehicle repair in cars, trucks, buses, ships, heavy machinery, caravans and mobile homes. Our KÖMMERLING-branded products not only ensure weight reduction, but also contribute to better sound-dampening, for example. Megatrends in the transportation industry, such as e-mobility or functional surfaces, drive our focus on innovation.


H.B. Fuller’s KÖMMERLING-branded adhesives enable bonding with very high rigidity and strength while being sufficiently elastic to balance the natural movements and different elongations of the materials used. Both inside and outside, from the cellar to the façade and the roof, our adhesives and sealants offer many different application possibilities and open up numerous design options for architects and planners.

Renewable Energy

For new buildings as well as for the renovation of old ones, energy generation through solar modules in the form of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy plays an important role. H.B. Fuller’s KÖMMERLING business develops and produces high-quality matching adhesives and sealants for photovoltaic and solar system components and their integration into the building envelope.

Industrial Assembly

Whether the issue is temperature fluctuations, humidity or high UV radiation, our KÖMMERLING-branded products signify maximum reliability in the most varied industrial applications. In addition to the main goal of providing safe and strong bonding, it is also possible to integrate additional functions. These include structure-borne sound insulation (e.g. in household appliances), electric conductivity and thermal insulation.

Coil Coating

The wide range of applications for coil coating laminates requires unique adhesive systems. Continuous metal coil coating is the process for coating steel or aluminum coils. This process becomes composite materials if plastic film is used. With its decades of expertise in this area, the KÖMMERLING team partners with customers on solutions for façade construction, household appliances, cover panels and much more.


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Technology Documentation
Used for black primary insulating glass sealant
Hot Melt | Polyisobulylene
Used for polysulfide secondary sealant for insulating glass
2K Polysulfide | Reactive Chemistry
Used for polyurethane secondary sealant for insulating glass
2K Polyurethane | Reactive Chemistry
Used for one component silicone secondary sealant for insulating glass
1K Silicone | Reactive Chemistry
Isomelt R
Used for hybrid reactive butyl with excellent barrier properties
Reactive Chemistry | Reactive Hotmelt
Ködiglaze P
Used for ambient applied wet glazing sealant for high strength window bonding
2K Polyurethane | Reactive Chemistry
Ködiglaze SDG
Used for ambient applied wet glazing sealant for window bonding
2K Silicone | Reactive Chemistry
Ködispace 4SG
Used for reactive thermoplastic spacer for insulating glass
Reactive Chemistry | Reactive TPS

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