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At H.B. Fuller, we manufacture a full line of mirror installation products that work with a variety of mirror types, including acrylic mirrors and traditionally manufactured mirrors. 

Not only are we ISO Certified 9001:2000, but we also are the only mirror adhesive/mastic manufacturer with both in-house testing and quality departments, allowing us greater control of the quality of the products that we offer.

Additionally, we offer a range of mirror maintenance products, including mirror clips, primers and sealers, mirror and glass cleaners, and mirror edge sealers.

Our mirror adhesive/mastic offerings include:
Gunther Ultra/Bond® Mirror Mastic
Gunther Extra/Build® Mirror Mastic
Gunther Premier Plus® Mirror Mastic (VOC less than 10 g/L)
Maintenance Products
Gunther Seal-Kwik® Mirror Edge Sealer
Gunther Prime-N-Seal®
Gunther Mirror & More Cleaner®
Mirror Clips (padded; available in chrome or gold)

Our Ultra/Bond® mirror mastic is designed to provide a fast, permanent bond between a mirror and drywall, wood and metals. Since it can be compressed to 1/32 of an inch, it’s ideal for mirror installations that require close tolerances, such as mirrored overlays or mirrored furniture. For uneven surfaces, Ultra/Bond® can build up to ¾ inch. It’s available in tubes, one-gallon cans, five-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.
Our Extra/Build® mirror mastic is ideal for large mirrored walls and uneven surfaces. It will build out to 2 ½ inches without sagging, and is specially formulated to contain antioxidants (which prevent chemical breakdown and will not become brittle with age.) It’s available in tubes and one-gallon cans.
Premier Plus®
Our Premier Plus® mirror mastic is ideal for high-traffic areas, such as gyms, dance studios and commercial applications. It is currently the only product on the market that can be safely used with acrylic mirrors. It holds firmly yet absorbs movement and bonds to all types of substrates, including drywall, concrete, wood, metals and dry primed surfaces. An environmentally safe product, Premier Plus® VOC content is less than 3 gr/L and eligible toward LEED credit. Premier Plus® is non-flammable and has very little shrinkage. It can be built out to 2 inches or squeezed down to 1/32 of an inch. It also allows a mirror to be adjusted for perfect alignment up to 12 hours after installation.
Our Seal-Kwik® mirror edge sealer protects against black edge. This specially designed formula seals the mirror edge against contaminants, and the  unique, built-in applicator eliminates “over spray” wasted material and added labor. Seal-Kwik® dries clear, is non-flammable and easy to use.
Our quality Prime-N-Seal® enhances the adhesion of mirror mastics to unpainted drywall, greenboard, cement, plaster, plywood, brick and other substrates. Laboratory tests show up to 100 percent more strength when a primer-sealer is used, which is especially important for high humidity areas (e.g. bathrooms.) Prime-N-Seal® is easy to apply, environmentally safe, dries in ½ hour and cleans up with soap and water. 

Mirror & More Cleaner®
Our Mirror & More Cleaner® is a superior, all-purpose mirror cleaner that is excellent in cleaning glass, porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, marble and appliances. It contains no vinegar or ammonia (which can be harmful to mirrors), and dissolves dirt, grease and most other deposits without leaving a filmy residue or streaks. It’s available in easy-to-use refillable hand sprays,  one-gallon containers, and the five-gallon bag-in-the-box.
Mirror Clips
Our mirror clips provide for a safe and stylish installation. Available in a chrome or gold finish, these padded, mirror clips are an attractive safety feature that holds mirrors into place without scratching. Additionally, mirror clips help provide an added layer of safety for both the consumer and the installer.
Quality and Performance
We are committed to developing the highest quality mirror installation and maintenance products to meet our customers’ needs for safety and durability, from preparation of substrates to mirror maintenance. We have a proven track record after many years of laboratory testing and field use. 
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