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At H.B. Fuller, our post and pole installation products and applications for the building and construction industry are designed to quickly and effectively help contractors, technicians and DIYers everywhere better set poles and posts. 

Specifically, the Q-Set 250 Utility Pole Setting Composite, Fast 2K™ Expanding Backfill Composite For Fence Posts, Q-Set 250-750 Satellite Dish Post Setting Cement and Fast 2K Deck Post Anchor products are all different variations of a technology that is faster and more convenient than concrete for post and pole installation. The two-component kits can be easily mixed in just a few seconds and poured inside the holes. Within 15 minutes, installers can mount hardware, start building a fence, a deck, or begin installing mailboxes, signs, satellite dishes, and even hardware and cables on utility poles. The products do not require water and also provide waterproof protection to the posts and poles.

A 2 lb kit of our post and pole installation products conveniently replaces up to 100 lb of concrete. In addition to making it much easier than carrying heavy cement bags, it also takes up a fraction of the space that concrete bags do during transportation and warehousing. Furthermore, without messy mixing, these concrete alternatives make for fast clean up and even faster setting time.

A Look Ahead

As we continue to innovate products in the building and construction industry, like applications for easier post and pole installation for fences, decks, satellite dishes, highway signs and utility poles we consider all angles. This includes ensuring the products:
• do not require water (particularly useful for when end-users need to set poles in remote areas)
• are waterproof (helping to protect wood posts from rotting and metal posts from rusting)
• are environmentally-friendly (products do not release any chemicals)

At H.B. Fuller, we have the solutions you require for your every construction need. Learn more about where you can locate a dealer who supplies the Q-Set and Fast 2K products or today.

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