Spray and Aerosol Adhesives


H.B. Fuller’s comprehensive line of high-quality industrial strength and commercial spray adhesives, canister/cylinder adhesive, aerosol, and aerosol adhesives, solve the most challenging bonding applications in the Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, HVAC, Transportation, Marine, Sporting Goods, Industrial Assembly, Footwear, Woodworking, Panel Manufacturing, and Textile industries . H.B. Fuller has an excellent line of low VOC spray adhesives.

Spray and aerosol adhesives tackle demanding bonding applications for similar and dissimilar substrates including metals, composites, plastics, rubbers, low surface energy substrates, wood, treated wood, foams, sponges, laminates, textiles, coated fabric, leather, carpet, EPDM, vinyl films, thermoset plastics, TPO, and fibers. Our spray and aerosol adhesives provided flexible process solutions minimizing process setup times, adhesive waste, and enabling on-demand highly portable material processing. They offer great bond strength, heat resistance, and bond line flexibility.

H.B. Fuller is focused on producing high quality industrial grade spray adhesives. We continue to develop new products and applications to serve our customers. H.B. Fuller’s self-contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease of use. Our canisters, equipped with a reusable hose and gun, eliminates the need for air-assisted adhesive application systems. This approach significantly reduces worker set up and general maintenance time. Its portability enables you to quickly apply adhesive in your facility as well as on the job site.

For those customers using air-assist processes, H.B. Fuller has a full line of solvent and water-based products to support your needs. For your convenience most of our industrial strength spray adhesive technologies are available in aerosol adhesive spray cans or a canister system.

H.B. Fuller’s spray and aerosol adhesives key advantages Include:

  • Immediate handling strength (green strength)
  • Minimal setup time
  • Permanent and non-permanent bonding capability
  • High adhesion and heat resistance
  • High flexibility in process utilization
  • Expertise to formulate products for special applications
  • A world-class team of sales, service and technical professionals to assist you with making the right adhesive choice


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