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Natural Substrate Challenges in the Baby Diaper and Feminine Care Markets

Eco-consciousness is rising around the world, and it's driving sweeping changes in the hygiene industry. Regulatory pressures, the circular economy, mobile apps that allow consumers to check ingredients – all are challenging hygiene producers to offer more natural, transparent, and sustainable products. In response, cotton is playing an increasing role in efforts to offer more sustainable hygiene products and is a focus of innovation by key industry leaders, particularly in baby diapers and feminine care. 
The challenge for many nonwoven hygiene producers is that natural materials, like cotton, can be more polar and swell during insult, putting more stress on the bond and leading to lower bonding performance, particularly in wet in-use conditions. Even with excessive coat weights, wet peel strength, and bonding performance can still be a challenge.

Innovation to Meet the Challenge of Natural Substrates

When we spotted a need by hygiene manufacturers for an adhesive that could successfully bond cotton and other natural materials, our market experts around the globe utilized extensive development know-how to develop an adhesive that allows manufacturers to confidently switch to natural substrates like 100% cotton. 

Full-Care® 5885 innovative cotton bonding adhesive offers:

  • Excellent stable peels in dry and wet conditions, even on 100% cotton
  • Application at lower coat weights with up to 50% cost in use savings potential
  • Flexibility for all typical machines and applicator types
  • Wide operating window for ease of use 

As a leading global provider of hygiene adhesives, we're always looking to proactively meet our customer’s needs and offer market-leading innovations. Contact us to learn more about how we can help solve your hygiene bonding challenges.

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